Well, I haven't posted anything in this forum in I believe two years. I've been doing a lot of recording, but i've gotten a lot of criticism about my playing, so i've been hesitant to post anything on the net.

You can listen too it in my profile, as the title suggests its Communication Breakdown. I've never looked at tabs for it, so i'm very sure its far from exact, but I felt like putting it up anyway.

Thanks for any opinions, positive or negative

(if you want me to comment yours, put a link in your comment )
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It's... fine, I suppose, if only a little repetitive.

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The guitar part is down, but it isnt the greatest to listen to without vocals. I say add some vocals and youll have a damn good cover of this song, because everything spot on. The solo was really good kudos to you on that.
Its was a good overall performance but it does lack feeling when there isnt any vocals and the same guitar riff over and over. But good cover.


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