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Take your pick. Mine are-

Liam Gallagher of Oasis (Even though I like them, their vocalist is awful.)
Damon Albarn of Blur (He sounds dull and boring.)
Jarvis Cocker of Pulp (Okay... Breathy, much?)
Morrisey of the Smiths (Need I say more? He sounds like a total Russian bear with his deep voice! He has some good songs, but vocals aren't the highlight of them! I don't see the big deal about him!)
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Liam Gallagher's suits his music very well.
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Axl Rose...
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****, nah I've never got anything like that, I just get 'YOU'VE WON THE MOTHERFUUCKIN LOTTERY IN IREELAND SEND ME UR DETAILS N U GET 10 000 000 DOLLLAAZZ"

But I'm sure some paid hitman wouldn't email that, and would have better grammar
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AC/DC's second!.. I mean.. Wow!
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Sir, Awesome stuff. You have my respect!
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aw i love your song! sell it n' it would deffo be a smash!
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this is great. you've got the words!
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if i could stand geddy lee's voice, rush would probably be my favorite band
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Yeah, right. Morrisey isn't better than Jesus. As for the Liam Gallagher comment, it does suit him, for HIS music, at least.