Take your pick. Mine are-

Liam Gallagher of Oasis (Even though I like them, their vocalist is awful.)
Damon Albarn of Blur (He sounds dull and boring.)
Jarvis Cocker of Pulp (Okay... Breathy, much?)
Morrisey of the Smiths (Need I say more? He sounds like a total Russian bear with his deep voice! He has some good songs, but vocals aren't the highlight of them! I don't see the big deal about him!)
Brendon Urie.

Oh, you said rock
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Axl Rose...
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****, nah I've never got anything like that, I just get 'YOU'VE WON THE MOTHERFUUCKIN LOTTERY IN IREELAND SEND ME UR DETAILS N U GET 10 000 000 DOLLLAAZZ"

But I'm sure some paid hitman wouldn't email that, and would have better grammar
AC/DC's second!.. I mean.. Wow!
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Sir, Awesome stuff. You have my respect!
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aw i love your song! sell it n' it would deffo be a smash!
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this is great. you've got the words!
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... Wauw... It really paints a picture and leaves the rest up to the imagination!
Yeah, right. Morrisey isn't better than Jesus. As for the Liam Gallagher comment, it does suit him, for HIS music, at least.