So, I have this plan for my strat. Similar to this: http://www.guitarnuts.com/wiring/doublebarrel/index.php

But I will have 4 pick ups, 3 singles and a peizo in the saddles. 5 way switches will have:
1: Peizo-bridge-middle-neck-middle/neck.
2: Peizo-bridge-middle-neck-bridge/pizo.

That way I have about.....16 combos..... where if I have them on the same settings I get that pickup (middle and middle will just be middle). and heres the fun part, on one of my pots, I will have a push pull, where, when pulled, and two pickups are selected. it does this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUMNwkoalKA

It wires them in seqence like humbuckers. Now, will this even work? how would I wire it up?

PS. I didn't put much into figuring out how many setups I have going.....
you'll find its a waste of time, because you wont use 90% of the tones, but if you are like guys with small dongs driving a hummer, and want to do it for no apparent reason, then yeah it will work, it will just take a long time to wire correctly and set up.
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I'm sure with a enough time and effort it will work.

thanks for the prompt response. I'm not I veteran modern, I'll take it to my guitar guy for this. so would I use a five way single pole switch for this? Can someone who is a wiring GOD help me figure this out?
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i would use an individual 2 or 3 way toggle switch to turn each pickup on/off

exactly...with anything that complicated i would just go with toggle switches for each pup. a lot of people are having cool pup combo ideas lately though.
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New plan.... one 5-way and Push/pull pots:
The 5-way is in normal set up
Pot one(pulled): adds the bridge
pot two(pulled): adds the ghost pups

Like a Deluxe Player's Strat but with an other button.
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