I am getting pretty tired of all my friends. I called up my friend today, and I asked if he wanted to play golf tomorrow. He then asked who else was going and if he has called anyone else, implying that he won't go unless someone else goes. So I call my other friend and asked if he wanted to play and he says that he will think about it and that he will give me a call. Well, its been a few hours and he hasn't called me yet. So I call another one of my friends, to see if he wanted to something tonight and he says "yea sure, I was talking to eric and we both want to do something too, I'll give him a call and call you back". So he calls me back two seconds later and says he can't do anything because he has plans. What the hell is wrong with my friends? Aren't people supposed to want to do stuff rather than just sit around?
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I don't know, I'm always too lazy or too busy in the Pit to do something.

If you don't like them, ditch them. It's not like you're married.
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My old friends used to say things like that, but they were lying and actually always doing stuff. So I ditched them and got new friends. Yeah, my old friends sucked ass.
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you play golf

I've never played it, but I heard it's one tough sport.

It's one of the sports that looks easy, but is a bitch to learn.
I've got a similar problem. I feel your pain, bro.

I'm just looking forward to Uni - new place, new people.
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Sounds like they're pretty tired of you. Maybe it's the golfing.

yeah...sorry to say it, but it sounds like they are ditching you.

i guess maybe confront them, or find some other people to hang out with.
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maybe something important come up? just make new freinds but still be freinds with them so you have more of a choice?
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yeah I've kinda been like that over the Easter holidays, I had all these big plans and before I know it a week goes by and all I had was a friend's party. Didnt leave my house other then that. Probably wont end up doing anything this week too.
Get new friends.
Then go fishing.
An orgy should follow.
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kill them,
or make new friends.

your choice.

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Yea I used to be friends with people like that.

Just stop inviting people who are like that and make better friends with people who are more willing to hang out. It sucks, but what else can you do?
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yea i kinda get that with my friends. i wanna goto a bar and listen to some live music but no one wants to come with

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This happened to me when I used to hang out with only one group of people.
Now I've branched out and hang with everybody.
Do the same; it feels good.
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we all sit around a lot, but we do stuff too. it's not like we're a bunch of lazy bums
Yeah i tried golf once. Its impossible to get that ball to fly more than 50 feet.
Not played golf in ages. I'm utterly terrible, But it is fun.

They did ditch you though buddy. Tough luck.
Yea I've had that before, and like most other people I just changed friends, I do still see them on occasion though.. Also Golf is a bloody hard game, spent a long time trying to learn to play and I still slice every single shot
actually invite them to mini golf instead, they probably just don't want you to see them suck at something

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my friends like to do stuff a lot like play airsoft and go drive around. i don't have any money, so i'd rather just sit around and play video games or guitar. except none of my friends play guitar with me.
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I've never played it, but I heard it's one tough sport.

It's one of the sports that looks easy, but is a bitch to learn.

it is truly a bitch to learn.

i wouldnt count is as a huge workout though.. sure, there's a ton of walking involved (unless you're a pussy and you just drive a cart) and maybe you get your arms gonig a little.. but it's not only reserved to the physically fit.
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