Is there a way that you can turn a regular guitar into a flamenco sounding one?

Like is there a tuning i can use or maybe a certain place to put a capo. any help whould be nice and please don't tell me that i can just shred minors because i already know that you can get a spanish sound out of that.
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Phrygian mode. Play it. Often. There are also some chords, but I can't think of them atm. I'll brb. I'll look because I have it written down somewhere.

ok, I just looked and all I had written down was Ab/G so just play chords like that. Basically it'd look like a barre chord except you would move the bottom part of the chord (the fingers not barring) up a half step. It looks like a stretched out barre chord.
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Tap the guitar and play spanish chords, then itll sound flamenco
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Yes, just paint it pink and stand it on one leg.

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alright you ideally would need a flamenco guitar, which is similar to a classical nylon string guitar but with a lighter top to give it a snappier sound. learn rasquiados and how to play with your fingers.
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k thanks for the help and if you know any admins tell them to shut down this thread