It was cool, man. I liked the jam. Try mixing the background down a little bit so the improvised parts get more attention.

If you want to get a little jazzier sound out of your improvisation, rather than incessantly resorting back to minor pentatonic, find the relative major, play that scale and fill it in with little chromatic flavorings. As you experiment with that you'll find yourself opening all sorts of new doors.

I heard some small diminished licks in there that I think you could definitely expand on to achieve a different texture.

Those are all fairly specific suggestions. I want to recommend something a little broader. That solo had to a tendency to introduce a quick idea, and then completely abandon it. Try playing some more melodic lines, and then developing, extending and varying them, to the point where your improvisation looks like one long thought out phrase or idea, as opposed to a bunch of little ones pushed together.

That's a lot to chew on, and it's not something that's going to happen immediately, but its definitely worth while. Hope this was helpful.


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I would say the same thing, your phrasing stayed pretty similar in the piece, but very cool anyway...

you should try putting a couple more tracks on there.

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I think you should definately mix down the background so your improv stands out. Also try mixing up that phrasing to make it sound more interesting.

But most of all, you have gotta be confidant in what you're playing. It sounds like you are kinda thinking "oh okay, lets uhhhhh legato these six notes really quick, yeah that'll be cool." instead of thinking "Alright I'm going to right an awesome solo over these changes." There should really be a beginning, middle and an end to solos.


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