Just got my wife an old classical guitar. Its a yamaha c130. Just put on martin strings and it takes em about a day to stabalize ive heard. Of course my wife who has never played guitar before tunes it by ear within 30 seconds of picking it up. i have been playing constatly for about a year and had been hobbying with guitars for about ten i still cant tune by ear and she can already finger an A D and E just by looking at the chord chart drives me friggin nuts shell probably surpass my playing in less than a month. I say booo and declare shenanigans!!!!!!!
Just cause she can finger them doesn't mean that she can switch between them well. I learned all those and more on my first day with a guitar I couldn't switch between all of them well for like two weeks.

P.S. Now you can form your own family singing group and tour all your local coffee houses and declares yourselves The shenanigans

have fun

I smile because I have no idea whats goin on
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grats man hope you guys have many good jams together in your future!