Anyone got questions for Silverstein or A Day To Remember? I am interviewing them tomorrow night for the site. Thanks in advance!
you interview a lot of pretty famous bands don't you? I recognize your username...

but I don't have any questions. but do us all a favor and know as much as you can about the band before interviewing them. I hate interviews with clueless people.
Who do you talk to about doing interviews?

I don't have any questions except for why did they suck when they played in Orlando with Rise Against, but I doubt you'd like to ask that.
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umm you can talk to U-G to do them. you have to have a site to write for or start a music blog...

these bands are like independent labels, they arent even big
just because they're on independent labels doesn't mean they're not big. almost everyone I know at least recognizes the name silverstein.

and ask some stuff about their lyrics. I like finding out the meaning or thought process behind a song, so that would be cool.
just ask casual questions about the life as a band and how they feel about music. eg. influences, gear, bands they grew up with, etc.

don't make it too hard. it'll go fine.
ask them about their views on the whole music industry situation and if they are worried about it
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