Ok here is the story. I started bidding on one of these on ebay. I figured there was no way i would win it so i went out to guitar-center and picked one up brand new. And you guessed it i won the one on ebay so now i have two. I'm keepin one because its one of the coolest things i've ever purchased. I probably need about $100.00 for it but i'de rather trade for it so keep it in mind. Here is a pic and specs http://www.music123.com/Line-6-TonePort-UX2-USB-Recording-Modeling-Interface-249701-i1126367.Music123
I'm interested. Can you email me some pics? kasso187@gmail.com . my PM doesnt work on this site. I have a Digitech RP 80 multi-fx w/expression pedal to trade if you're interested.
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