How long does it take/can you switch between tunings easily, like as quick as non-locking?
Also what are some good ones for 3 a side.
And last but not least how hard are they to drill the holes needed?

Mainly the top question I need to know though, Thanks Very Much
locking tuners tune just like any other tuner, and will not take any more time to change tunings, they simply lock the string into the tuner so it wont slip. sperzel and planet waves make good ones, and schaller make good strat ones and you might be able to find 3+3's. the schaller and the sperzel have the best reputations, but the planet waves i heard are awesome, they trim the string for you and have an 18:1 ratio. those three would be good. the holes are VERY easy to drill and might not even be needed.
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