what do drummers use to get "drummer tabs things"

i dont know what there called or what website has them but i need bright eyes ones

my ehh sister needs it for some dudes birf day present
They use the searchbar.

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mxtabs has drum tabs, but drums can be worked out pretty easily by ear. Its generally the hi hat every quarter, snare every half or whole. and bass drum is thrown in wherever the drummer wants it to be. Toms are also used, but mainly for fills. But enough of that, just listen to the song and you can figure out the beat pretty easily.
most of the time you can hear it just by listening to the song if you know what to listen for. you can also usually throw in some improv. other than that, mxtabs should have some

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well that sucks! i was gonna get a new belt for printing drum tab things.

tabs for drums?

anyways, just google drum tabs duh...
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Drum tabs are major suck, and for the most part if you can't pick it up by ear have little x's drawn on an akward map looking device won't help much.
Learn how to read standard notation for drums or listen to the songs.

Or get GP5.

Just my two cents.

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mxtabs is good for drum tabs. they are easy to figure out by ear if you know how to listen. btw thanks for reminding me about mxtabs lol i had been waiting since like november for it to get restarted but forgot all about it. *goes to check site*
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I do play drums and I can tell that drum tabs are usually worthless. Either try to find a place that'll sell you the official sheet music, or learn it by ear. It's actually very easy if you know what you're doing.

So, in short, Learn it by ear.
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i have been playing for 5 years and still can't use drum tabs. notation is so much easier, alot less messy.
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