Hey, I noticed there was a COD4 clan-making thread, So I figured a GW one would be ok too. So, who plays it? Me and my brother started a clan today, and if you like Deathnote, or you just want to be in a clan, add me, my main character is "Luciferio X" We're still working on a hall and stuff, but it shouldnt be too long. Nightfall, by the way.

EDIT: i forgot, the clan is called Eyes of the Shinigami and the acronym is RYUK. Any Deathnote fans will get that.
bought the game, didnt have the right graphics card, bougth the wrong card, gave up

sorry man

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

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i played for a while but it just kinda sucks. i mean crappy pvp crappy story crappy everything

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