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4.5-5.0 (holy ****)
9 16%
8 14%
29 51%
10 18%
0 0%
Below 1.7
1 2%
Voters: 57.
I am a Sophmore and my GPA is 2.7.....Yeah its not that great and I need to pick it up.

you can find my gpa by using the searchbar
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I am a Sophmore and my GPA is 2.7.....Yeah its not that great and I need to pick it up.


hi five for having C grade GPA's mine's like 2.4 and i'm also a Sophomore
In before some ass comes in says oh i am failing because i never do homework, i am such a badass.
3.625 in honors classes =) yay!!! went from a 2.6 to 3.6 =)
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I don't know what a GPA is.

Grade point average. An average of most, if not all of your high school level and college level courses (they're done separately, one for HS and one for college).

A = 4.0
B = 3.0
C = 2.0
D = 1.0
F = 0.0

Except in AP courses, add one to the values of A, B, and C.
And we have "pre-AP" courses at my school that add .5 to A, B, and C.

I think mine is like, a 3.3 or 3.4.
2.79 that skanky b!tch that teaches me spanish wouldnt give me a tenth of a point to bring me up to a c for 2 straight semesters
2.7, Senior.

Fuck it.
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This thread is only suitable for highschool kids with lame honors and AP classes that jack their GPA up to illegal levels.
3ish, yeah im one of those badasses who don't do homework!!! Actually I have little pride in that, i just lack motivation. =(
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Cumulative is around 3. This quarter's is probably around 3 as well.
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3.9 or something.

Why do some schools go to 5? That's weird. Especially if a 5.0 is better than a 4.0
I just picked a number. Your grade system is crappy if it doesn't reflect that different people pick different subject and are better at some things than others.
Less than 1.7.
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lol as the UK system is different i have a 6.1

Not even on your scale!!
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3.9 or something.

Why do some schools go to 5? That's weird. Especially if a 5.0 is better than a 4.0

Think of 4.0 as an A- and 5.0 as an A++ meaning having exceeded 100% in all classes (done by getting A's on every assignment/test/etc.) for the entire course of the year(s)

Just ask a Valedictorian of your school sometime.
They'll most likely have a 5.0GPA.
had a 4.1
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There's no such thing as anything above 4.0 at my college. I have a 3.7, it should go up after this semester I think.
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Well, at the moment, as far as I know, it's around a 2.7.

But it's only that low because I transferred into a new school and I'm missing a good many classes, but I'm going to be able to make all of those up next year, thankfully.

But, if I was up to par, I would think/hope my GPA was around 3.3 maybe 3.5. I'm smart enough for the work, but it's my work ethic that I know would hold me back.
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