That's good stuff. I enjoyed it. I thought it was cool how even though it was more or less one riff and beat the whole time, it remained interesting. Makes me wanna listen to your other stuff, so that's what I'm doing now!
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Nice beefy sound, I dig it alot dude..

Where do you get you're drum track from?

Im in a stroooong need for some =P


Thats me!

Add me!

I would add you but im on my ps3 so its hard to balance windows and stuff

Good music!
It has really good flow. It's not a song you can get bored of very easily!

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Critting as I listen: Haha, I'm trying my hardest not to bust-a-rhyme over this beat. Ok wait, the guitar came in and now I'm getting into it. Good intro, make the time between drums and guitar less though. I like your bluesy but metal feel. It reminds me of a more electronic Metallica. Ok, now there is a big problem at every fill almost those annoying drums are playing WAY too long before the guitar comes in a with a new riff. Just drums with that beat can get on your nerves quickly. I bet this would be could with some vocals though, probably need to work on that imo. I like the song though, nice job.
Hey man,

Nicely done, and nice production which is always a bonus. I was definitely digging the hard 4/4 with the emphasis on 1 and 3. Definitely a hot backbeat. Once the guitar came in I was immediately reminded of a little of Rage's Tom Morello, and once that happened Zack de la Roche's vocals immediately seemed to play in my mind.

I suggested this to someone earlier as well, but when writing a rock instrumental you have to remember that riffs and chords (power chords in particular) don't quite captivate the mind as well as melodic material was. I'd suggest writing some melodies on guitar as a substitute for vocals simply to introduce something new.


If you wouldn't mind returning the crit.
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It was really good, but could have used a little variation in the drums IMO. The soloing and bass were also well done. Overall its sounded good though. BTW, the name seemed to not fit in with the rest of your songs, I like your whole astronomy themed page, and I added you.
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anal seepage diffiently takes the cake for me. Congratulations the_pick_gnome you are one sick twisted person :]