How do you guys learn songs? I have no teacher and I just sit in my room playing one riff over and over and trying to add more riffs and tack it onto that one riff. So, I'm not bragging or anything but, how do you learn songs?
Look up tab?
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Are you trying to learn songs from other bands or write your own songs? Two different things there...
Nor less I deem that there are Powers
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i dont know why, but i just laughed at this post.. its such a stupid question, and just paragraph in general
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i dont know why, but i just laughed at this post.. its such a stupid question, and just paragraph in general

Me too.
The way you ask is kinda wierd.

Learn by ear. I do that for the most part, but usually il learn solos from songs by using tab to improve my speed etc.
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Um, if you mean learning other peoples songs, I've tried to stop using tabs and learn by ear. I have a great guitar teacher who checks my work for me and can help me if I'm in a rut. I've only been doing this for a few months but already I find it's much easier for me to figure out a song and I tend to feel much more confident with my transcriptions.

If you mean writing songs (which sounds like what you were talking about in the second half of your ramble), I fiddle around with different chords and try to come up with something for a chorus. If I find an interesting chord progression I'll try to elaborate on it and use that as a starting point. If I find a good melody first (just singing stuff over chords until something nice comes out) I'll see how it works with different chords under it and usually find theres a more interesting combination than what I started with.

Usually I come up with the words for the chorus just by throwing out words while playing with the melody, and have a completed chorus before even working on the verse. Then I'll think about the strong structure and start working on the other parts of the song.