Hi guys. As most Joe Satriani fans will know Joe has started releasing the podcasts of the songs off his new album. Anyway I have tabbed out the song Musterion for as long as it lasts on the podcast but need it approved (failed once because noone looked at it) also so I can put it on a new Joe Satriani forum I've just joined. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/home/tab_detail.php?tabid=656236
I believe it to be correct so if you agree then please approve it and then when the full song comes out I'll tab out the rest.
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Uh dude the tab isn't there. I've some of overdriver down.

The only part I don't know is the lead after pick scratches, but after that the little riffs + the octave part I know up until the solo.

Can anybody help me figure out the rest xP
Yeah I got the same thing.

I figured out the first 2 chords in Musterion. 3 notes in each chord, there may be 4. Not sure though. It sounds right the way I play it though.
It was still kinda hard to tell in some of his videos, although the video helped me figure out more than what he actually shows : )

It's awesome