topic, Finding pretty touch to keep up with the audio tracks, hands getting nervous lol. Can you guys keep up with the tracks over time of practice??
ahaha I used to get nervous while playing along a song.
But hey there's no big deal just relax and tell yourself it isn't a contest or whatever and it's just for fun.
Of course you gotta know the song pretty well before playing along with it. :P
just play to a metronome till you can play at the same pace like I do
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if im recording a cover i cant play it but if im not i can play it fine.

Its weird.
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I had the same problem with you so I can probably offer a little advice...

1. If it doesn't sound right. It most likely ISN'T right. ( I like to learn stuff by ear too often :P )

2. Calm down and get in the groove of things, don't ever force a song on yourself.

3. Be sure you can play the song to speed first, it helps to start playing along with a powertab and then move on to a song.

That's all I've got. Just work on it. Practice makes perfect.