I'm looking for a distortion pedal that primarily gives a good fuzz type distortion, but it would also be nice if it gave a good overdrive tone. Is the EHX Graphic Fuzz a good pick for this? Right now it's looking like either that, the Big Muff, or the Seymour Duncan Tweak. Which one of those would you choose? Or something other than that?

Note that I've tried the Big Muff and it sounds really nice, but my GC doesn't have those last two. But I haven't tried it through my amp, a Valvetronix AD30VT which I heard sounded ****e with distortion pedals. What do you think?
get a vintage rat with the lm308 chip. or buy a new one and mod it if you know how.
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i dont like the tweak fuzz much. to fizzy for me. the mudhoney fuzz by trex is great. it is a bit subdued in the highs but you can change that with the tone knob. i have a mi audio neo fuzz which i love. only thing is it starts to sound lo-fi at any decent gain level so its really just for low gain bluesy sounds. you can however put amp distortion over it so that isnt really a worry. this i find gets a really nice eric johnson type tone.