i went and improvised to day with a song and it sounds amazing, i thought about adding some piano to it so i was like what key am i in but honestly i have no idea

the notes i play are F F# G# A# B C# D# E

anybody know i'm kinda new to music theory so i honestly dont know
Try the music theory board?
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That would be F# major, but you need to write that F as an E# because you can't have f and f# in the same key, at least in majors i mean.
well, for a generic chord structure, the key is most often defined as the first chord or note, in your case, looks like you're in the key of F
It doesn't even matter. You have seven distinct notes and that's all you need. That's my excuse for being too much of a bum to actually figure it out.
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That would be F# major, but you need to write that F as an E# because you can't have f and f# in the same key, at least in majors i mean.

X2, except he uses the minor 7th AND major 7th (flatted and non-flatted) which is pretty cool so yeah I thought I'd point that out.

EDIT: Threadstarter, which note do you consider the root?
i have no idea what the root would be the whole music theory thing confuses me i just started playing and this is what came out
capo on the fourth fret here is the tab



maybe G flat or E flat minor but i have no idea what it sounds like or the structure of the notes do you play f f#..... in order, probably not so there is no way of really helping you