I'm looking for advice on a decent reverb unit that can sit in my pedal board. My amp lacks a reverb I'm looking for a stompbox reverb I can switch on and off to provide me with a little colour here and there.

I was thinking of just going with the boss one, any suggestions?
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Im not much an expert on reverb pedals, but a lot of people prefer the Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail reverb pedal. Ive heard its a really good reverb pedal. I don't know about the boss, trust me i like boss pedals but some of their pedals can be mediocre, so im not sure if their reverb pedal falls into that catagorery. But seriously check out the Holy Grail.
We need an official 'What Reverb?' thread with the opening post saying: "Just get a ****ing Holy Grail already"
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and what about us fancy pants who need stereo ins and outs?
If its not fender than whatever]
Holy grail plus without a doubt. Keep in mind you are gonna HAVE TO use their adapter, which annoyed me, since i was planning to save space and just use my dc brick to power it up.

Sound wise its the best thing though
it really depends on what you are looking for in a reverb as well as your budget. some people here will recomend the holy grail for anything. not that its a bad pedal (its a very nice one) but it doesnt suit everyone. if you want just something for adding depth at a low price, then thats what you want. if you want something for adding depth and have a higher budget, try one of those fender tube reverb units. if you want something with more control that will give you the ability to do ambience and stuff on a low budget, i would suggest the line 6 verbzilla. and if you have a bunch more money, a rack unit with studio grade algorithms would be lovely.

in other words, what do you want from the reverb?