Im thinkin of purchasing a schecter diamond series acoustic-electric in the near future. Anyone own one? What are your thoughts - I was looking for a deep sound since i mainly play heavy acoustic songs
Yeah, I wouldnt buy one.
They look nice but thats about all. Just like quite a few other companies who make good electric guitars, they make a nice looking acoustic and people buy it on brand loyalty without having a proper look at other guitars. There pretty overpriced for what your getting soundwise IMO. Another one of those brands to look out for is Ibanez. They make some great electrics as do Schecter but their acoustics are fancy looking yet generally dont offer good value for money at all and they have some pretty bis issues with quality control.

Of course this is not to say that this holds true for all companies that make good electric guitars. Gibson make some great (and some pretty average) electric guitars and also make some good acoustics. Yamaha are a great example of a company who makes both very well.

Got a price range? I can suggest some alternatives if you would like.
Schecter acoustics are awful.
Try a Yamaha acoustic. Or something at a local music store?
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I was lookin to spend $300 to $400

Acoustic electric right?

I personally own one of these and its a really nice guitar for the money.

Also, have a squiz at this Takamine: