Sup UG, well ive been playing for about a year, im pretty good at chords and what not, but i really cant solo. I mean i can play the beverly hills solo, but who cant? im looking for a good song that has a nice solo for starters. i play mostly pop/punk/ hard rock so shoot em at me

smoke on the water
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AC/DC - anything, but start with Shook Me All Night Long cause it's a classic.
Pink Floyd - anything as well but go with Comfortably Numb to start...or Another Brick in the Wall Part 2.
don''t listen to those fools, the best solo to start out on is The Darkness "I Believe in a thing called love" one of the most fun beginner solo's, i even started out with it
smells like teen spirit by Nirvana has a easy solo.
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