Just wanted to post these here, I'm quite fond of them myself.
Here it goes...

She wept…
Frozen tears she cried
For no heart beats within her
Too may times she’s lied

When she slept
Dreams of the past were haunting
Unable to run away
Her obstacles were daunting

Twisting and turning the truth
But only to hide the past
All false identities becoming one
How long did she think she could last?

With this life… (With this life)


Those bloodstains on your hands never come off
You’re branded a killer for life
Looking into those cold, dead eyes
You wonder… (You wonder)
What will become of you?

Cause heaven ‘aint waiting with open arms
The rage inside you grew and grew
You didn’t recognize yourself anymore
This life, if only you knew


A hundred days you’ve counted
Since the deed was done
A hundred new identities
All lead to one

They will find you
No matter where you hide
Your fingerprints cover the crime scene like paint on a canvas.
You left your perfect portrait for them to find

--And that’s it so far!--