hey guys.....I have a some what stupid question

ook....you know when you're changing your guitar strings on your acoustic guitar...you put the string on and you have extra guitar string left over...usually you cut it off but I seen guitars that keep the extra guitar string on but they curl it well it looks kinda curly ish? and I was wondering how you do that..

if anyone knows could you please reply

meh... i don't see the point, but you can just wrap the extra string around the tuner until it holds the curled appearance. id just prefer to cut off the obnoxious extra
It takes a really long time to keep winding it around. Just cut it off
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It's your call, but personally I hate seeing extra string bouncing around. Might just be my OCD.
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You just put the remainder of the string in a loop and thread it around itself so it holds. Same principal as tying a knot.
Personally, I reckon it looks stupid, better off just cutting it off and then its forever out of your way.
You don't always have access to wire cutters. Personally I loop the strings. I like the way it looks, too.
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It looks guitarded having those loops of excess string hanging off all the tuners. Plus, if you don't wrap them nice and snug, they're going to buzz and piss you off to no end. Snip 'em if you can.