Whats up, hopefully this is in the right place...

Anyway, i want to write a weird spooky/unkown style song similar to pink floyd. I need a sound clip of parents screaming at eachother and a little kid crying for the beginning. The only place where i could think to find something like this would be in a movie, so could anyone think of one with a scene like this? Id know how to rip the audio out of a movie, but im not really a movie person at all, so i have absolutely no clue as to where i could find something like this...

I want to write it almost as a story behind the eyes of the little kid. Not of him/her saying stuff in the lyrics, but have it set to there mood of what they would feel as its going on, mixing it with the child innocence and fear over what they cant control. Maybe you could get a better feel of what im going for if i told you the title would be "Please stop bleeding"... It sounds like a crazy exerimental idea, but i think i could get it to turn out good. Thanks for any help
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