How the hell do you do it? It looks crazy as hell... and I want to learn.
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Flatpicking as such, is just playing guitar using a pick.
But I'm assuming your not just referring to playing with a pick.
Got an example? maybe a video to show exactly what your talking about?
Or maybe I'm missing something vital here, who knows.
Practice your scales until you can play them as fast or faster than the speed you desire.
Flatpicking is usually referred to as "flat top picking", which basically means high energy bluegrass style picking on a traditional acoustic guitar, using a single pick, and not fingerstyle or thumb picking like with a banjo. It's Tony Rice type of stuff, look him up on youtube.
^ Yep, it's just snappy bluegrass guitar. Learning scales up and down the neck and having good finger mobility is all it is. It's a fun style of playing.
Can't help the OP much on learning to flatpick but would like to share one of my favorite youtube videos.


The second song is an amazing rendition of Soldier's Joy by Clarence White(flatpicking at its finest!) and co. It's a shame Clarence White died so young.