As the title says, I am looking for any free audio files of drums I can find. I need them to be seperate... eg
Bass Drum File
High Tom File
Low Tom File
High-hat File

Does anyone know where I can get these. It would help a lot if they were a pure raw recording... no effects or eq's used.

Is this for a drum machine program? If not, you're going to need that, not the different drum sounds
Nope, it's not for a program. I'm running eq research on various drums to enhance my recording/ mixing skills. Problem is, I can't track down a drummer in my area that will let me record them.
I have been looking for something similar myself. Basically, there are plenty free ones out there, but most are of poor quality. Are you wanting straight acoustic drums, rather than electronic kit sounds, because they are even harder to find for free (good quality). Maybe I am missing something, and there is a perfectly good site offering them.

Just try searching for construction kits and free drum samples and sift through the results.

EDIT : I see it's not for the reason I thought. Well, I suppose you could download the free drumset vsti at www.bluenoise.no, then play each drum and export as a wav. Long winded though, and I don't know if you have the software and know how.
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I think that's what I'm going to have to do. I use Sonar Studio Edition, so I got the software. I just ran across that site within the hour.

Thanks! You hit it dead on. Acoustic drums are very hard to find for free. Hope this works out.
Even unprocessed recordings will not be suitable for this application, as most drum kit mics, and non-reference mics in general have a nonlinear response and will throw off any EQ information. You need sounds captured with a good, flat reference mic, not a drum mic set.