I'm no expert when it comes to acoustic guitars so I'm thinking about getting a new one because my current one is not the greatest nor is it in the greatest condition. Ok let me cut to the chase well I was wondering should I get an electric/acoustic guitar or a full acoustic and then a separate pickup?

being realistic I know in the near future I'm doing some gigs that will require amplification but for the majority of the time I won't. I don't know what the future holds in store for me though.

Any opinions?

I smile because I have no idea whats goin on
There is a very recent thread, maybe two, on this very subject. No need to replicate, just search a little.
Sorry I looked but the other thread wasn't asking the same question directly so I made one thanks
I smile because I have no idea whats goin on
The answer is to buy whichever guitar you like the best. Don't shy away from a great sounding one just because it has no electronics, you can easily add a pickup later. Biggest problem is that if you don't get one with electronics, but you get one you really like, it's going to be hard to talk yourself into cutting a hole for the electronics. So, you'll end up adding a pickup, which is easy and non-obtrusive, but then you'll want to add an outboarded EQ for controls, and that costs a little more. I paid 3 times as much for my EQ and pickup than I did for the guitar itself. I got a killer deal though, that's not normal.