Well im bored and i was just wanderin wat u guys do when ever u aint got nuthin to do?

(i figured there would be sum good ones )
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I personally prefer Dr.Dre but Lil Jon is gangsta home boy fresh aswell.
...lol wtf?
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sounds like you have a severe case of the dumbass.....it's quite common in the pit really just sleep it off
Fap. To get it out of the way.

Now honestly I try and find some friends to do something with, and if no one's around then I either play guitar, go on UG, attempt to learn a new song, or play some kind of video game...whatever I'm in the mood to do really.
(The occasional fap aswell, if I'm REALLY bored)
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i play with my dick
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No. Argument if i hear fall out boy i get so angry i am more likely to kick someones ass than when i listen to iron maiden

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****ing Coheed freaks...

zune. i <3 my turd brown 30 gig.
Go online, MSN, play guitar hero
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pick a random object in your house and write a song about it. I've got an awesome one about a can of beans.
UG, play guitar, play bass, listen to music, google obscene things
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I like to masturbate vigorously. If that fails, i stick a pillow up my ass and sing Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden.
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****, nah I've never got anything like that, I just get 'YOU'VE WON THE MOTHERFUUCKIN LOTTERY IN IREELAND SEND ME UR DETAILS N U GET 10 000 000 DOLLLAAZZ"

But I'm sure some paid hitman wouldn't email that, and would have better grammar
Watch chick flicks. Hence me watching In The Land of Women right now.

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Read NonFiction (Science, Psychology, History, Biography)
Read Fiction (Homer, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Hemmingway [classics])
Learn something new (Juggling, Spanish, Brazilian Jujitsu)
Art or learn a something new part II (Drawing, Painting, Sculptue, Photoshop, Photography)
PRACTICE YOUR INSTRUMENT (learn a song, buy a metronome, jam to the radio)
Volunteer or joing a student organization

UG, guitar, keyboard, xbox 360, tv, listen to music, browse the internet.
It's gonna be a blue day
Play guitar.
Listen to music.

Sometimes all at once.
I hope it's cold, everyday, where you are.
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your mother

Play guitar, hang out with with friends, read threads like this one... The norm
I have a demotivational image with a girl masturbating. I'd so post it if I wouldn't get banned
When theres nothing good on TV.
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Origami. Everybody loves it if you can make something amazing, especially girls if you can make a Kawasaki Rose.



This is what I do when I'm bored
I sit there and watch paint dry, or watch grass grow, or watch ice melt. To music of course!

Try having a Ice Melting competition with your brother with out Goodbye My Lover playing.. I DARE YOU
^This post was probably sarcastic


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i watch everybody loves raymond..............what its a good show
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your mother

hahaha nioce nioce

when i'm bored i go on UG.. haha
but when i'm really bored i sleep now unfortunatly.. seeing how all my freinds are stupid right now.
I <3 Rock Mushik
like nearly all of UG, fap and play guitar (maybe at the same time )
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Play guitar.
Listen to music.

Sometimes all at once.

u sir, have skills.