As two lovers struggle with distance and obstacles
The love slowly begins to fade
Each knows that they will forget about each other one day
But still denying that they won’t break the promises made
They fall back into the regular routine
Without each other a regular boring person is all that’s seen
What’s underneath that no one is allowed to know
Except the one many miles away that is intertwined with their soul

So do u move on, or lay in bed just to listen to the same song
Will u go back out into the world as if they were forever gone
Or carry on with the memories happy and sad
That you two have and will think about just to be glad
Or to have regrets and just to end up mad?

Then you get confused when your with someone else and you can only think of someone else
You see a therapist to express your emotions and to seek help
When all you need to do is talk to that someone and all questions will be answered
And the funny thing is that it was the easiest explanation
One word is all that needed to be said, no kisses or a hug
All you needed to know was that what you have is called love