does anyone else think that mexican fenders are really a great way to go, a great deal compared to a jacked price of a american?
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I think it's a great way to go if you are on a budget. The finish of a MIM isn't quite as good as a MIA and the pickups are slightly weak to, but overall MIM's are solid and well made guitars for the money. Change the pickups and set the guitar up properly and you have yourself a fantastic axe!
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is there a difference in body wood? I think I read somewhere that MIM does not use Alder, is that true?
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they do use alder. i personally dont know the dif between american and mexican strats other than:
Americans have a better tremolo system
have better tuners
have one more fret
better paint
better pick ups

however if you put really good pickups on your strat, people wont know the dif