As the title asks, can meditation help with making a stronger creative flow? Since all sorts of things can come out of meditation(memories, old possessions, etc.), I thought it may be able to help with making your songs better. What do you guys think?
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yes, how do you meditate? I don't think id be patient enough for it, but i think it would help me immensely
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The way I do it is:
I go into my room(or any quiet place) and sit on my bed in the lotus position(is that how you spell it?) Then, I begin to do my heavy breathing exercises. I suggest you learn how if you don't know already. I try to clear my mind of all thoughts, and let loose. Another good thing to do is to get every emotion thats bottled up inside outside, because it can really help(especially
if you want to relax!) Not much else that I do, but hopefully this should help you to get a feeling for it.
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yes, meditation can help with almost everything. once you become experienced in meditation you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. meditation for me is my quiet time. after a deep meditation i'll come up with the most wonderful stuff.
ultimate-guitar.com is the best place to learn about meditation
composing is meditation in itself

you clear your mind of other tunes, you focus on one song, you journey through various chord progressions, melodies and harmonies, you tie into a beat that aligns with your body and when it all locks together you feel pretty damn enlightened.

Also in common with meditation, the more regularly you do it the quicker you can reach the point of enlightenment, the easier it all flows.

Write something everyday, even if it is only a one note rhythm, or two chords, and your creative brain will switch on and stay on. This is when the ideas flow.