for some reason...i can't write lyrics to save my life! i'm running out of ideas to help fix this. i've tried just sitting down and writing whatever comes to my head. i've tried hammering out a melody line and writing lyrics to that melody. but nothing. any ideas?
get stoned
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idk dude i always thought comin up with a riff or melody first was the easyiest way to come up with lyrics. or maybe try coming up with a good title for the song and base the lyrics around the title. yanno? good luck to u!
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you can't just sit down and force it, the lyrics end up cheesy, insincere, and ****ty. it just has to come to you, and it usually comes when you're stoned!
I do not write lyrics at all... I can't do it, but the best method to do it if you want a method is as follows.

Find a name for the song first. Then do some free form writing about that topic... what reminds you of the title or things that describe it. Have single words, three word phrases, and full lines to pick from. Then just compile them to create the story you want to tell people. If there are any bugs, they will be fixed as you flesh out the skeleton you just made.

Hope that helps some.
I couldn't write stoned to save my life. Reading helps a ton, if you see a cool line in a book, copy it down, change it to make it your own. It doesn't even have to be a story, I got a lot of song ideas looking at a psychology book in the library.
looks like you've got some writer's block. just think of something that inspires or moves you. you will think of something. write about something close to your heart.
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You live, you write, you learn, you write.

Or something else that works, get your heart broken and write about it.

Read, watch films.

Y'know, I'm bored of saying the same old stuff. There's an inspiration thread in this sub-forum, there are a million of other topics about the same thing - read through them.

In fact, why aren't you writing right now? You only get better at writing by writing.