i already looked at the uh..thing ur supposed to read before asking any questions,
but I didn't really get what i was looking for.
im sure it was there, but what ever. lol.
I know some people that can draw REAAALLLY good. and paint.
so if i took my strings and all that stuff off.
could someone like..draw on it, then paint it, like, overtop of the original paint on the guitar?
cuz its all just...black.
Epiphone Special Model Gibson thing.
would it ruin the guitar? or the sound or anything.
and if I could, what kind of paint?
and what would i do to finish it, so it doesn't just..peal off or w/e
ummmmmm... i painted my guitar... look at my profile to see the pic... i think its there... i just layed down tape and sprayed over it... paint still hasnt come off... i like it
regarding the question of whether or not painting or drawing on your guitar will affect the tone, the answer is that it will but probably not to any degree you will notice - especially considering that it's an electric guitar you're painting. With regards to the question of acquiring paint that will have the longest duration without peeling, Behlen has a pretty wide variety of lacquers and such (also, you will want to stay with nitrocellulose lacquers which will last longest (15 years +)).
However, if you're just talking about doing a quick paint job, which you probably are, I would just recommend for you to keep in mind to avoid water colors. But in all reality, any paint that is not intended for wood is bound to not last on wood.


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