i just got offered a 1999 gibson es135 for 750. should i take it ? and also can i change the pick ups to humbuckers? i no the pick ups on are single coil is that alrite for blues

Take it and keep the P-90's.
i don't think you can change out the P-90s for buckers without some serious routing
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yea thanx are the p90s good for blues? rite know im pretty new to guitar ive only been playin for 4 months. i have an enry level acoustic and i wanted to get hollow body to cary me on until im good enough to get a american strat. im prety sure its in good condition. i just read alot of bad reviews about this guitar like it was poorly made and was not worth anything and gibson overrated is this true?
Yeah, I think P90s is what was used before humbuckers, and from the ones ive heard, ive been inspired to buy a guitar that has them too.
thats a crazyass deal man. P-90s have a great warm sound; they were used before humbuckers on gibsons, and if you're playing jazz and blues, it would be way better to keep the p-90s than to install humbuckers. If you're playing more rock though, i think humbuckers would maybe be better.
yea im defintly a more blues person. has any one played or saw this guitar in real life and can u make any comments about quality and finish.

thanx for the help