I want to use Garageband to start recording i just need a reliable and reasonably priced audio interface to start of with. If comes packaged with additional software that's even better.
check out reaper its free and ive gotten some good results with it (on the website it says its "reasonably priced" but the evaluation period never expires)


EDIT: i think i misread your post...looking to record guitar? stick with guitarport
is guitarport just one input? 1/4 inch?
I've been looking and there's literally hundreds of these, all around 100 dollars, but none really look fantastic. I don't care if it runs on firewire, but I'd like one with two inputs. Anyway, is there any other suggestions that people have for cheap, ok interfaces?

holy crap that reaper software is awesome for being free. Is there a way to find tracks like basslines and drum beats and stuff in there like garageband though?
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M Audio, Presonus, and Focusrite make good interfaces...you can look at their Firewire and USB interfaces, since you won't need more than two inputs at a time since you're not drumming.
Get anythin from the line 6 toneport series !!! or the guitarport...

It's amazing !! Sounds good and comes with software too...and amp models and so too.
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I recommend looking hard at both PreSonus and M-Audio.
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I suggest staying away from the Toneports or line6 interfaces...
People say they all sound great (Gearbox and the hardware...) but in reality I found the preamp on the UX1 toneport to be noisy and Gearbox didnt have any great distortion sounds....clean settings were fair though.

PreSonus makes great hardware but most reports show their drivers are not up to par...

M-audio has some great products and they are on the ball with drivers. I suggest going with one of their interfaces.

What type of budget range are we looking at?
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