Gonna' say Elixir because most people like them. I use Skinny Top Heavy Bottom EBs but, Personal preference to everyone.
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Obviously we should play the UG theme.

Exactly HOW slinky? I mean, you want some resistance when bending, because strings too thin have less sustain, tone, etc.

On standard tuning, I like D'Addario 9.5s.
Jackson Pro Series DK2 Dinky (Eerie Dess Swirl)
Ibanez XPT700 Xiphos (Chameleon Red) =D

Crate FXT65 amp with 3-way foot switch
Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah Pedal
More importantly, why bump a thread after waiting less than 15 minutes?
Try a set of DR 9's. DR strings are all handmade, are not that expensive, and are CONSIDERABLY more slinky than other strings of the same gauge.