I heard that if you take out 1 or 2 Pre amp tubes than the amp will not be as loud but still sound good at low volumes, And it will lower the wattage.

Is this true?
No. In some amps with four power tubes you can take two out to cut the wattage in half.
Removing pre amp tubes will make em stop working usually. And some amps you can remove half the power tubes but only really works if there are 4 power tubes.
what is the amp has 2 pre-amp tubes? sorry to hijack, but I been wondering this.
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You need preamp tubes for the amp to work properly, don't take them out.

You can take out 2 power tubes from amps with 4.
it probably wont make much difference anyway, i have a 25/50w switch on my jubilee and the difference isnt that much, when on the 25w it sounds thinner so i just keep it on the 50w
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can ya take 1 power tube out if u have 2?

No, power tubes run in pairs (except for single ended Class A circuits) and require at least one complete pair to operate.
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Taking out two power tube doesn't make much of a difference. Some say it cuts wattage in half, but that does not mean the overall volume of the amp is cut down dramatically. There's going to be a slight volume decrease. Chances are you're not really going to be able to tell much of a difference other than a slightly cleaner clean channel and the lead channel getting hotter at a slightly lower volume level.