Hi everyone, new member here

So, I've been playing the guitar for about a year now (on and off) and i was thinking if it is time to get a new guitar and/or amp. I bought this starter pack as my first guitar:
Then i had to move to another country so i had to ditch the amp and got this hand-me-down peavey blazer 158 (40 watts) from my cousin

So do you guys think i should change my amp or guitar? If so, any recommendations for them? I don't really have a budget right now, but I will probably spend around 400-500 canadian for a guitar.

On a side note, what songs am i supposed to be able to play after 1 year? Right now i can play about 80% of neil zaza's i'm alright at full tempo..and a few other simple power chord songs
We can't tell you what songs you are able to play after one year. Everyone gets better at different rates, and some are naturally better, some aren't. It also really depends on how often you play, and other factors.

Well, if you've got the money, and you really think you should get a new guitar, a good next-step-up guitar from your beginner pack would be an Epiphone G-400. Goes for about $350 Canadian.
Thanks for the reply.

Should I worry about my amp as well? Or is it already good enough for the time being?

Another thing, is there a significant difference between the Epiphone G-400 and the Epiphone Les Paul standard sound wise?