I'm planning on buying a few things at guitar center this weekend. Heres what I'm looking at:

Digitech Whammy
Dunlop Tortex Picks (1 bag 1.00mm, 1 bag .88mm)
Ernie Ball Slinky .11 Gauge strings
And possibly a set of Grover tuners (3 per side)

How much do you think I could haggle this down to? My my estimates it would be about 270$ worth of stuff.
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The Dunlop pick and Ernie ball should be free gifts if you haggle right. Maybe get 10-30$ off the whammy, and possible get the tuners as a gift too if they are cheap $10 or less or discounted at least

But i say this thing should not even go over $200 if your good
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You may be able to haggle the Whammy down a little, and possibly the tuners, but if you manage to get money off, I wouldn't expect to get the picks or strings for free. If you pay closer to the regular price for the Whammy and/or tuners, you may be able to get the picks and strings for free.

They'll want to balance things.
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Keep in mind that GC is not the flea market or swap meet. I would'nt expect them to move much on small items. You will have better luck with big ticket items like amp or guitars, And then it is usually 10 - 15%.
A guy on the HC forums was saying that GC no longer cuts deals. Apparently as of a couple months ago they changed their policy and no longer allow discounts.
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^I also heard this. I am sure some of the cooler employees that work there might still give you a deal here and there. I am lucky enough to have some pretty cool people working at my local GC and I bet they will still cut me a deal.