ok so i just found an old cord that's 1/8" one side and usb on the other. my question is how i would be able to record through this set up into audacity or something like that. my soudcard is out because when i record line in the volume is too low to hear in playback(i've done all volume adjustments possible). can i even use this cord to send a sound signal into my computer or is there a software i can use to make it happen? thanks for your time.

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You need some type of interface to record using USB and most of those "cord interfaces" just dont work well...if at all...

I suggest an m-audio Fast Track USB

If you plug directly from your guitar to the line in on your stock sound card of coarse you will have low levels....you can boost them in audacity but your problem is theres no preamp in the line in port....the mic port works better for that setup.

you can run a small multi FX pedal to the line in which would boost the output and give much better recording levels.