So I'm leaning towards the rockerverb 50 for my new amp. however can it get more "vintagey" tones. I have a few videos with tones that I like a lot so if you could let me know if the rockerverb could get the same type of sounds as these that would be great.


^ the overdriven part


I also really liked the sound of my Vox AC30 and if it could get tones similar to that as well that would be great. (though I had a number of other complaints with it so please don't suggest that)
hell yess

the rockerverb 50 can hit those tones in the vids you listed so dead on that it's scary

expect it to lean more towards what the wolfmother vid sounded like though rather than the sabbath vid, although that's possible too

it's not one of those unforgiving lead amps where every mistake shows, if anything, it's a pretty messy sounding amp, but that only adds to the "vintage"ness or w/e orange was trying to achieve

it's a monster amp either way