I just recently got the epiphone buzzsaw and first of course stuck in real emg's (81-60) but thats kinda irrelevant. basically, im a baby when it comes to playing guitars and if a guitar of mind isnt just the way i like it, i wont play it. Now i have an ltd truckster and its just about perfect. The buzzsaw however, feels like a damn log in comparison, so i figured hey, since its a bare neck anyway, could i just sand the son-bitch down alittle? so any do's and dont's?
ok, hours have gone by. . . no one has advice on how to deal with a neck thats too thick and has no finish on it? fine, **** it, im just gonna start sanding, and if i ruin it, its ALL UG's FAULT
You only waited 3 hours. You must be incredibly impatient.

If there is definitely no finish on the neck, then as long as you don't take too much off, I think it would be ok. Just make sure you don't destroy your neck by reducing the strength, getting to the truss rod etc.

But check with someone more experienced first
well i dont want to like, sand it down to like a wizard specs, just a little smaller and flatter then what it is. i like my guitar to hang down around my knees so i need a thin, not rediculously thin, but thin neck
I though the whole point of the Zack Wylde models is that they're chunky, you might be better selling it and going for a superstrat or something...
Having your guitar down by your knees is asking for wrist problems down the line.. but whatever floats your boat.

You can sand it down, but you're gonna have to adjust the truss rod accordingly.
Obviously, don't take off too much.. or you'll have a very weak neck that's prone to snapping.
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I had a guitar with a neck that was to big once. I think it was a gabsunn less paul.. so i wittled it with my pocketknife. i hit thismetal rod thing and the i figured i had gone far enough. it was sweet after that, but for some reason my dad took it away... i was just trying to make his old crappy guitar from the 50's better, and he had to be stupid...
ok, for starters, the around my knees part is an exaggeration, but yea, i do like to have my picking arm fully extended or im not comfortable, second, i know how to set up a guitar and am aware of this theory that there is some metal device inside the neck. and like i said, i dont want to sand it down to nothing, i just want it a little thinner for my small soft feminine hands (which by the way, the chicks LOVE, theyre allways like your hands are so soft, i love the way they feel all over my body, so much better then my husbands).
sanding will work easily if you only want to take a little off, just don't sand so much that the fretboard overhangs the neck. that is a painful (literally) mistake.
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yea, i also wanted it a little flatter. . . mainly, i kinda like a cross between a thin u and the dimebag v shape (which i find actually quite comfortable). like i stated, im very picky. . .