I recently got into a University and because of grades/test scores etc, I'm having everything paid for by grants and scholarships. But the problem is: I need a car. I found out I'm eligible for some student loans. I was considering taking out about 3,000 dollars to help pay for a car, but I've talked to my family and they all said it was a bad idea and I'd regret it. I've heard the average college student graduates 35,000 in debt. What so bad about student loans?
dont pay them back.its pretty obvious.......all it does it destroy your credit. credit is for losers
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You won't be 35,000 in debt, you're only borrowing 3,000 you'll be like 4,000 tops?

Interest is a bitch.
Don't get one.

Sure, my brother is a phsyical therapist now, but he's about 50 thousand in the hole.

Student loans rape you like R. Kelly does little girls.

Sure, it;s only 3 thousand but as interest builds, you owe a lot more.

Loan companies take advantage of college students by hiking up the interest rates which screws them over in the end.

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Well from what I hear, it's a subzidized loan, so interest won't start accruing until 6 months after I graduate.