i was just wondering and this is gonna sound really dumb, but musicians friend and guitarcenter both dont have like bogner, orange, and mesa engineering amps, sooooo.... where does everybody get them?
actual guitar shops.
WildWestGuitars.com carries Orange and Bogner
2 of the Guitar Centers here carry Mesa, yours just must not be a dealer.

Only one shop close to me sells Bogner and I'm not sure where any Orange amps are sold as I've not really felt the need to look into them

Check the websites of those companies and go to their dealer section and find the places close to you.

Otherwise, colin's suggestions work too.
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so what are some names of mesa amps shops? im really into them besides ebay and cragslist?
As far as i know mesa doesnt allow their amps to be sold online in North America.
For those who care.
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Some guitar centers don't carry them, but others do. Where I live, Mesa Boogie has their own shops, and I was told by my local GC that the reason they didn't carry them is because of the Mesa shop right down the street.
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no really, thats not why im getting them, im not even close to buying one, i just like looking around
Not every GC is authorized to have Mesa and Peavey amps in stock. There's some sort of proximity rule where if there's another GC within an hour (or something around that) that is authorized to carry Mesa and Peavey amps, they can't have any in stock. I'm not sure what the reasoning behind that is. Not every store is going to carry high end amps due to location and their customer base.