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Not really sure if this is the right place for this.. but really, what doesn't belong in the pit?

Anyway, a friend's band has a bunch of gig's coming up, and we're trying to find songs that would be good to play that have 3 guitars, since they have 2 guitarists, and want me to play with them. If anyone knows of any, that would be really cool, but no death metal, or shred, or screamo, or anything like that if possible.

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any song? just duplicate rhythm, harmonize lead, or something of that nature?
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

Some of Radiohead's songs has three guitars. a good one to do would be Street Spirit....probably one of the saddest songs i've ever heard
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Dosed by RHCP has at least 3 guitars going the whole way thru

Good Deals:


a great one to play would be orion by metallica. that whole middle section has three guitars in harmony. really just look for anything that has harmonies and rhythm underneath.
Different World - Iron Maiden
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Bang Camaro has 3 guitarists I believe, too bad would need around 15 singers for their songs...
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pretty much, yeah

any maiden
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some songs by himsa have 3 guitars. i dont think they're death metal, but they might be. i don't listen to them, my friend just says they're awesome once every 10 minutes.
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a great one to play would be orion by metallica. that whole middle section has three guitars in harmony. really just look for anything that has harmonies and rhythm underneath.


and of course maiden, they basically are famous for having 3 guitarists


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A few Sonic Youth songs have 3 guitars I'm pretty sure.
But those songs are full of anti solos....
Ppl have said maiden, but yeah they are right. Try Out of the Shadows by iron maiden... an excellent example of a good 3 piece song with guitars

And if you dont like maiden, then may god have mercy on us all...
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you could try out some chili peppers. especially for their last 3 albums, frusciante liked to layer many guitar tracks. i'm sure you could decipher. look at "easily" for example. the most obvious part would be in their ending solo where there are at least 3 lead guitar parts playing different lines. and there's also rythm...

other bands that have 3 guitarists come to mind like the maiden (i'm sure many of you guys pointed it out) and radiohead. radiohead's "you" for example, for one of their more rock-oriented songs. or you could go G3 and play one of the songs they played live before

or you could always jam the blues
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Iron Maiden, Lenard Skynard, The Eagles.... I'll think of more later
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All you people saying Iron Maiden are silly. Obviously the best band with three guitars is Hawthorne Heights. Duh.


Lenard Skynard

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In Flames have a lot of harmonized parts with rhythm, also A7X have a lot of songs with 3 guitars.
maiden. sorry if someone alredy suggested them. cba checking, im busy
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and some avenged sevenfold(2 rythm 1 lead...)
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well if you can pull off Queen...
Brian May overdubbed so many parts you could prolly use 20 lol
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Paranoid Android would be great. It's by Radiohead by the way... and you'll need an acoustic.

and doesn't Layla by Eric Claton use 3 guitars?

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A good few RHCP songs have a third guitar, but a lot of the time it's just occasional fills and such. Some A7X songs (the only one that immediately comes to mind is Bat Country) also use 3 guitars if you're into that sort of thing.
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