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King Crimson - In the Wake of Poseidon
14 61%
Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
19 83%
Converge - Jane Doe
3 13%
Voters: 23.
Ok so I have a $20 gift certificate to silver platters and with a little extra that should be enough for 2 cds.


King Crimson - In the Wake of Poseidon

Radiohead - Hail the Thief

Converge - Jane Doe

EDIT: This proves i should read the post before replying.
Radiohead and either of the others
Hurp De Durp
radiohead and king crimson. king crimson doesnt disappoint, especially not that cd.
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That's RadioHead's best album no matter what anyone says or how 'stupid' you all may think I am.
Get it.
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