I have A Gibson Epiphone Special Model Serial Number #MC21100621 it is autographed by the members of papa roach won off of a radio contest by a friend given to me as gift since I play. Wont sell But Id like as much info as possible. Possibly some price ranges. Thanx.
The guitar itself is only worth $170 brand new.

The signature doesn't really add any value, unless someone who is a hardcore jerry horton fan would want it, but those are very unlikely odds.

It's this I presume.

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lespaulrocks39, you sir are awesome.
the guitar itself isn't worth much but if u find a fan that would buy it, it could prob sell at around 400$
Appreciate it guys quess its going in the closet for ten years lol maybe worth somethin then until then Ill just keep playin this weird rare acoustic I have Anyone know anything about vantage model #CL15DK strangest acoustic ive ever seen no one has heard of it and ive never seen another one but they have the most beautiful sound.
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The guitar itself is only worth $170 brand new.

quoted for emphasis.

And I agree that those signatures aren't going to add any value. Even when someone like Joe Satriani signs a guitar it doesn't necessarily cause the value of the guitar to raise. The guitar itself needs to be worth something.

EDIT: In ten years it will probably be worth way less than even now, because then you'll not only have a cheap guitar, but a cheap guitar covered in the scrawlings of some band no one remembers.