yeah im an asshole for starting a what to buy thread. sue me. i looked on the beginner bass guide and all the amps were pretty small as far as sound went. i only got my bass a little while ago but ive progressed pretty well and i need an amp for playing in my band. currently i dont have one at all and my guitarist has a 50 watt vox valvetronix. ive figured i need at least as much or more then him. problem is i only have like 200 USD to buy an amp with. i need it relatively soon. my band is playing hard rock-metal and i want a tone sort of like cliff burton when hes not going nuts with distortion and wah. im a complete noob with bass amps so i have no idea what to do really. please help me bass forum, or i will have to rehearse with a fender frontman guitar amp. or my dad will go and buy me a behringer which is even worse!!!
btw, if i get a cab without a head will i still be able to use it? as far as i can gather it will just be at full volume all the time. if can create a really simple volume control would i be able to use it with a cab. im probably completely wrong here but im frantic to find an amp very soon.
wow, no reading FAQ and double posting...sorry mate, but get the water can ready, flames are on the way....

anyway you could just get something like and ashdown perfect 10 or 5 : 15..coz dont forget that at most venues you'll be mic'd through the house PA...if ur certain u need a head and cab then ur best bet is used, theres no way your gonna get anything of quality for 200 bucks new
no i did read the faq, but they were all small and i reckon i need something bigger. im probably just being a prick, but most people say bassist needs to have more wattage then the guitarist. and hes got 50 so i figure i need 100 or something.
I'm not gonna be an asshole and report you, so welcome

With Bass Amps at your budget, Ashdown is the way to go. I spent loads of time in store yesterday and Ashdowns are second only to Trace Elliot, and you're not affording one of those any time soon.

You want to get the amp i've got (see sig). 180 watts and bloody indestructable. Should be loud enough to hear over your guitarists if they turn it the **** down a bit (when we play live, our guitarists who have Randall 75 watts and Marshall 100's respectively have their volume on 6 whereas i'm on about 9.) There should be no need for a full head and cab setup until you start doing arena tours and shiz like that. Sure its nice but most of the bassists i know that do 200-300 people venues all use combos. A Combo will be fine.

Problem is that you'll be struggling to afford a 150 watt+ combo new for 200 dollars, you're looking at more like 350 for a decent combo.

And as for Cliff Burtons tone, no amps got that shiz built into it. You're gonna need a multi FX pedal or a distortion (I recommend Boss) and Wahwah (morley do good ones as well as boss) Pedal. As for Wah and Fuzzless tone, just turn your mids to max on your eq and cut lows and highs to about half and you get his punchy tone.

Have fun.
It's not the best, but save up a little more money and get the Crate 220w 1x15 amp. You could definitely do better, but it'll be loud enough to last you for a while.

No, you need a head to run a cab, that's just how it works.

As for Cliff's tone, use the search bar and look for the amp settings thread. Either that or make your own tone.

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And you need at least 150 W to be hear over a normal drummer, more if he leans towards the Keith Moon / John Bonham school of drumming. Look at the used market, there are deals out there, but you are probably going to have to save up a bit more than your 200 USD.
aye, 200USD isn't gonna get you far in terms of volume. The list in the FAQ is designed to be for beginning bassists as practice amps, not as a general "you need these amps" thing.

But anyways, unfortunately you're not going to get much for your $200, considering most of the amps in the FAQ are priced not too far below that.
Since no one else has answered, that I could see...

You can't just run a cab with no head. The head is what provides the power. A cabinet is just speakers...nothing else. Also you can't just run a head with no cabinet...then you have nothing to move air for the sound. You have to have both.

And a general rule of thumb is that you need roughly 3 times the wattage of your guitarist, or 4 times his wattage if he has a tube amp. (Your guitarist has a tube amp)
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And a general rule of thumb is that you need roughly 3 times the wattage of your guitarist, or 4 times his wattage if he has a tube amp. (Your guitarist has a tube amp)

A Vox AD50 is not a tube amp.

$200 probably won't get you a lot, and it definitely won't get you near Cliff Burton's tone. Something like a Peavey TNT115 or a Crate BT100 as well as the Ashdown someone already mentioned earlier would be decent around that price. That said it sounds to me like a 210 cab or combo would be more up your street.