So many choices.

so far i have played

epi lp goth
cort m520

i am yet to play the artist or patriot but dont think i will be able to get to a patriot black to try one out. however based on what i have seen on youtube they look a fair bit smaller than an lp copy and sound unreal.

any personal experiences amongst these guitars would be appreciated.

Leave the Epi Goth alone. I mean christ, talk about pissing money away...

Can't say I know the other three you're talking about, but as far as that Epi goes, really don't bother.
geeze after playing the goth lp i thought it was solid and awesome. so now i really confused.

the michael kelly patriot is same price here. so i might just go for that based on video reviews lol, see you all raising eyebrows now. buying blind. tut tut.
this is the patriot black that i like, boy can paul from GW play guitar.


i just cant afford it as they $900 here.

so much versatility yet so simple/practical with single tone/volume.

check out solo at end. thats the tone im after.

so anything else suggested would be good.
Michael Kelly guitars are pretty nice actually.

I've yet to play the Patriot Black but from what I hear it's an impressive piece of work.
damn it, i might just splurge.

im not a very poor guitarist, i only play 30 mins every second day, for 2 years now. but know i will play for rest of my life.

so why not?
Looking around I cant even import from USA.

PRS Tremonti SE is the same price here.

Now im confused, PRS or Michael Kelly?
What is your amp and your current guitar?
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Quote by SupremeACL
What is your amp and your current guitar?

currently playing a samick malibu and a vox amplug and a $200 headies.

makes the samick sound a lot better than my epi valve junior, roland 30x, and roland microcube did.

however when i stop moving around with work i will prob buy an epi valve again.

why do you ask?
Quote by fiztech
Looking around I cant even import from USA.

PRS Tremonti SE is the same price here.

Now im confused, PRS or Michael Kelly?

Definitely the Michael Kelly.

I've only be underwhelmed by any of the PRS SEs.
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The Patriot is alright. My problem with MK Patriots though is that the fret access is even worse on those than on other LPs since the top front of the body opposite the single cut comes in from a higher angle, means if you want to get right to the top frets, you basically have to take your hand off the neck entirely and reach right around. Very awkward to do and unnecessary.

I would better recommend either getting a Standard (or higher) Epi, or a copy from Tokai, ESP, Vintage or Agile.
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I didnt realise the fret access was so poor on Patriots, but it is a single cut. I usually dont go higher than 15th though.